We are located in Greenbelt, MD.
Exact address will be sent to you after you’ve completed your booking. 

If you do not see the time/date you want available, please feel free to contact us to make sure it is actually unavailable. 


Book directly on the studio’s page or use the link below to book.

You will receive a confirmation email after booking is completed.  

You are required to come with your own photographer. Studio booking prices do not include a photographer. If you need a photographer for your shoot, we have a very talented in-house team of photographers that you can choose from. 


We have strobe and continuous lighting available on a first come, first serve basis.


Each studio comes equipped with a bluetooth compatible speaker.


You are only granted access to the studio space that you rent. You may not shoot in any other areas of The Stu.


You will have access to 4+ power outlets. Please let us know if you need an extension cord.


1. No more than 4 people per studio shoot! If your shoot requires more people or you want to bring any extra people please contact us first! 

2. No smoking

3. No food or drinks (with the exception of water)

4. No loud music

5. No pets allowed without prior consent

6. All small and/or hard to clean material (confetti, hair cutting, feathers, food products, body paint, etc.) require approval from company representative. $50 minimum cleaning fee required, additional charges my apply depending on studio condition at wrap up.

Shoe covers or socks must be worn throughout the Stu to keep the premises as clean and free of outside particles as possible. 




 If you or any of your guests/ crew members, are caught walking through the studio with shoes on and without shoe covers there will be a $50 fine.

No eating or drinking allowed in any of the studio rooms. If you would like for your shoot to include any type of food or drinks it must be approved by the owners FIRST, ahead of time before your shoot. You can E-mail us at

Do NOT use oily body lotions or any type of body oil if you will be laying or sitting on a bed, couch, or throne chair in ANY of the studio rooms.

Please be careful not to get make-up or stains of any sort on any of the furniture. Stains that can not be easily wiped off of furniture will result in you being charged a $200 fine.

4. A) Props are allowed to be moved but please do not move any furniture around the rooms without the permission or assistance of an owner or representative of The Stu. 

B) For The Safari customers only: The swing may ONLY be removed by The Stu representatives. 

5. Please be on time. If you are late you will not get any extra studio time. You will still be required to leave at the time your appointment is over. 

6. The Stu does offer lighting equipment on a first come, first serve basis. It is recommended photographers bring their own lighting equipment.


1. Parking is limited. There is street parking in front of and surrounding The Stu  Please arrive 10-15 mins early to park.